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The Best Tips From Successful Cam Girls

If you would like to be a successful cam girl and get a lucrative consistent income 5000$+++ at the webcam modeling and improve your performance then it is important to follow the below tips.

  • Build Your Followers List

The girls with more viewers are the ones that show up on the front page. When you are new and have no followers, the best and quickest way to get viewers is to show amazing pictures of yourself.

  • Tease

Put on some sexy clothes and set realistic goals for flashing boobs, pussy or getting naked. These shows can be long until the goals are reached, but with patience, you can earn 500 tokens in just a few minutes

  • Bring Your Boyfriend And Have Sex

Couples cam show are the best, having sex in front of the camera is one of the best ways to earn money. People loves sex scenes. You can bring your boyfriend or a friend with benefits to do live shows. Many couples have sex and earn lots of money.

  •  Use Apps & Bots

It´s important for you to learn how to use bots and apps. You can make an extremely fun chat room with them. Try the most popular ones and see which ones works best for you.

  • Stick With It

Success comes from perseverance. Successful cam girls broadcast every day and as much as possible. First days are usually the worst. Keep broadcasting and let the audience know you. People will start following you and making money will become much easier.

  • Don’t Push For Tipping!

The viewers who have tokens and love your show and want to see more would actually tip without nagging. It’s okay to remind them to tip once in a while, but not every minute. Nagging your viewers to tip could make the blue ones (who have tokens) leave  your room and you would be left with selfish grey freeloaders ( who don’t have tokens ).

  • Be Always Grateful

Be sure to thank all tippers whenever they tip, even if they tip one token.

  • Don’t Argue

Do not argue with your viewers or try to insult them back when they insult you. If you strongly feel like yelling at someone or insulting back, just ban the person instead.

  • Interact With Your Viewers

A bright and cheerful personality sells. Viewers tip more when you actively interact with them and perform with a warm and friendly smile.

  • Experienced Moderator

it’s almost impossible to perform and keep tabs on all your viewers at the same time. An experienced moderator will help you keep your room in check and increase your follower count. But most importantly, your moderator will encourage users to tip towards your next goal and direct viewers to your profile page where they can purchase any offline products you are selling. They can handle your social media accounts as well.

  • Selling Digital Products

Top earners realize that a significant amount of income will be generated by selling digital goods from their profile page. They put the time and effort into not only finding original products to sell (pictures, videos, social networking access, erotic audio stories, sexy wake up calls, etc) but also in ensuring that their profile page is visually appealing. They also understand that they must partner with a seasoned moderator to drive traffic to their profile page.

  • Sex Toys

Have a good varieties of sex toys.  Dildos and buttplugs of different sizes and shapes.  Nipple play toys, BDSM leather collars and anything that look different.  People often want to see something new.

  • Don’t Ignore Grey Viewers

Noteworthy though that the grey viewers (don’t have tokens) are not automatically evil.
– It can be that he just have his wallet drained and be grey temporarily.
– If they are nice and chatty, they can help to keep the room lively.
– You never know.  I have chatted to a grey a few times.  One day, a few minutes after he left my room, he came back and tipped me 100 tokens!

  • Be Real. Be Approachable & Responsive

Why would a guy PAY to watch a webcam when he can get hardcore HD Quality videos with professional porn stars on a tube site for free?

The answer, of course, is because he can have real, personal interactions with the cam model. The porn stars are plastic, unapproachable. Webcam viewers don’t want that. They want real.

So my advice is to be as approachable and responsive as possible. Tell them about the amazing dinner you cooked last night. Talk about your favorite sports teams. Share some interesting pics of your kitty cat, or from your last vacation, or putting on your makeup, or your Halloween costume, or baking cookies, or… Just whatever it takes to be real, do it.

And when a fan emails you… respond. Sometimes it’s hard, but you want to be as responsive as you can be. My biggest spenders have been the ones I took time to email frequently. So treat each guy like he’s the only one you care about. Make each one feel special. You’ll quickly learn which are worth your time and which aren’t, but don’t let a High Roller slip through the cracks because you were too lazy to email him once in a while.

  • Promote Yourself

Self promotion is so important but don’t worry. This is not an immediate thing. It’s something that evolves over time. And as you invest more time in front of the cam, you’ll gravitate toward certain niches, fetishes, role plays, etc. Your own tastes and your viewers’ desires will naturally steer you toward certain interests.

Take advantage of that! Tweet accordingly. Consider creating a related Facebook page/group. You may want to build your own website. Maybe a Tumblr blog. As you refine your offerings, join forums and communities focused on those specific topics. The idea is to find more and more people who are interested in your services.

As you promote yourself, consider offering some free pics or videos covering your favorite niches. But save your best work for your live shows and paid sessions. Chaturbate also allows you to sell special photo and video sets. Take advantage of that as it’s a good way to boost your income.

  • How To Rank Your Chatroom To The Top

Some top ranking rooms can sometimes exceed 5,000 viewers. If you want to get your chatroom up there too, you’re going to need to pump serious amounts of traffic into it. The best way to do that is with social media.

Twitter, in particular, can be used to send large numbers of fans into your room when you go on cam. If you don’t really know where to start building your social media followers, I would recommend you just start following other models and their followers on Twitter. Post lots of sexy pics and videos to your Twitter and encourage people to retweet them. Pretty soon, you’ll see that your tweets are getting spread around pretty well and your follower count will go up accordingly.

Another way to pump up your Twitter account is to use cam promoters. There are tons of accounts on Twitter that exist solely to promote camgirls and guys, and many of them will retweet your promo tweets if you mention them in your tweet. So, all you have to do is find promoters, mention their Twitter accounts when you post a sexy pic or video, then tweet it out and hope they choose to retweet you. Load in as many cam promoter mentions into the tweet as you can, to maximize retweets and exposure. Your promo tweet should urge people to follow you.

After you’ve got a large Twitter followers built up, you can start to pump fans into your chatroom on Chaturbate when you begin a broadcast. Do a super sexy promo tweet and include a link to your Chaturbate profile, which will display your live chatroom, and do this right as you’re going on cam. To boost room count even more, mention some of your most reliable cam promoters in the tweet so that you can benefit from their traffic as well.

Once you perfect this method, you’ll be able to pump up your room count on demand and you’ll find that your chatroom will be listed much higher on the Chaturbate list.

  • Don’t Be Boring!

You need to talk a lot. Don’t sit there looking bored with your mouth shut, you need to loosen up and get chatty with your viewers. This is really one of the best ways to get members interested in you, and when they’re interested, they’re much more likely to tip.

  • Sensual Music

Play some good mood music in your room so that you can setup a sexy atmosphere that gets your audience in the mood for sexual activities. Play some sensual music and try to get into the vibe yourself. There’s nothing like being genuinely aroused and ready to play that gets members more willing to take you private.

  • Broadcast Schedule

Try to broadcast at the same time everyday for the first couple weeks. This is really important because it allows viewers who are on at that specific time to find you online and regularly pop in to chat with you. The more exposure they have to you, the more familiar you become to them, and the more likely they are to spend tokens on you.

Be sure to publish always your broadcasting schedule.

  • New Fetishes

Don’t freak out when your next client asks you to do something unusual, go ahead and try it If you like it, you will be surprised what fetishes might end up turning you on and rewards you with big tipping.

  • Be Yourself

Be yourself, Be real, you don’t have to pretend you are horny all the time, you are human, real person, sometimes you may not want sex when you are on cam, sex is not everything, listen to some cool songs, sing, dance, positive vibe can reward you with lots of money.

  • Change Your Location

If you normally cam from your bedroom, try the living room, kitchen or even bathroom. People tend to like variety and to see different settings.

  • Speak Instead Of Type

It’s not only faster but also easier when you’re far away from your keyboard. Guys love to hear your voice and talking people appear more entertaining than silent ones.

  • Nails & Toes

Invest in getting your nails done, or at least keep your fingernails and toenails in perfect condition. There are TONS of guys out there with hand and feet fetishes and nothing turns them off more than badly cared nails.

  • Seductive Look

You don’t always have to wear lingerie to look seductive.wearing a cute sexy tops & shorts with heels can do the trick as well.

Guys love “School Girl” uniforms to spice things up. You can try different accessories like hat ,glasses, gloves, tans spray, lube oil, over the knees socks are pretty sexy and playful, make sure you always dress to impress, and wear bright colors.

  • Makeup

Wear always some makeup, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick , be sexy always before you get on cam.

  • Wearing a Wig

Some models said that wearing Wigs can almost triple their tips, try variety of Wigs.

  • Broadcast Time Zone  (( Important ))

We recommend broadcasting at two different time zones , the first is  US / Canada timing and the second is European time zone, try A/B/C test and see which one is the best for you.


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15 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks

  1. Thanks for these tips, it has really answered many questions were in my mind. I have been wondering if I should simply ignore the grey viewers. But I got my answer now.

    1. That’s great. It’s good to know you got answers to your questions already; that is one of the advantages you enjoy on this platform. there are enough tips and tricks here to get you started and rooted in the business.
      I will like to see you join us soon; don’t forget, the earlier you be on the cam, the faster and easier to get your faithful followers.

    1. Girl! there is no such thing as risk, or i would say the only risk is having a poor webcam, it’s very safe, your information is confidential, above all you make cool cash just from working as a camgirl at the convenience, i’m tell you i’ve tried various types like escorting, but really that’s a lot more riskier, this is by far the sweetest, sexiest and easy job i have ever had.

  2. I think I’m personally concerned about the issue of using abusive words on me. If I am restricted from using abusive or insulting words, is there any rules guiding viewers from doing the same too?

    1. Sure! This is a highly controlled platform and there are regulations guiding all users. Try as much as possible to stick to your own part. Viewers are also been watched for any violation of the rules. However, if any of them flaunt the rules with you, you should get such user reported immediately and appropriate action will be taken. I have seen this happen many times, in addition you can block him easily.

  3. I actually joined this platform a few days ago but I seriously need to know some possible ways or tips on how I could grow my followers. I’m sure that is where the cool cash comes from and I don’t think I’m ready to be patient with that.

    1. There are several ways to grow your followers base but promoting yourself using the social media is a very effective tool that has helped and is still helping many people today.
      I use Facebook, and this was how I started with it. I created a Facebook group and made it an open group so that anybody can come into the room to hear their opinions but the group wasn’t centered on any other discussions aside romance and pleasure. I am posting some non-nude pictures of myself there – because Facebook does not allow nude pictures; With time, I begin to have more people joining the group and from there I direct them to my profile. it works like magic.

    2. Even though Facebook is a good way to get yourself promoted, I prefer to use twitter. Because unlike Facebook, Twitter allows both nude and non-nude photos. Just find your way around it and you will discover it is a great way to promote yourself and increase your follower base.

      1. Yes. Franca is right about this.
        However, another aspect of using Twitter I will like to point your attention to is using cam promoters. These are people on Twitter that promotes cam girls and you can leverage on them to build a huge Twitter followers which afterwards can be converted to your chat room followers.

        All you need to do is to mention a few of these cam promoters in your sexy promo tweets. When they see this, they will help you to retweet such post to more audience, just make sure your promo tweets are enticing enough to call in new followers.

    3. If you want to promote yourself and get more followers, you can consider using twitter. Create a twitter account and post some nude or non-nude but sexy photos with very good and sexy captions. You can as well make and post some short videos of around 30 seconds. This is a great and effective way to reach out to prospective followers, trust me.

    4. Tumblr is also a good way to promote yourself. All you need to do is to create an account using sexy profile details, stay online often, post some nice and sexy photos and videos. Don’t make them nude photos, but make sure they are teasing enough, and get others to reblog your photos and videos. It’s as simple as that.

  4. Oh! I am really happy with this thread and the few comments that have come from the experts on this platform. I am learning a whole lot here right now. However, no one is talking about Stumbleupon. Can’t I promote myself on this platform too? I actually don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

    1. Hi Rebecca, Of course, you can use StumbleUpon. As a matter of fact, when it comes to using social media promotion to boost awareness and followers, that is another social media platform. I and my husband explore aside Facebook. Just create a StumbleUpon account, make some really nice and teasing posts and use lots of tags. This method is able to help you drive lots of traffic to your room.
      Enjoy it dearly!

  5. Wow!
    Things are getting really interesting in here, I must say!
    So many avenues to promote myself. It’s really great having you guys in here. I hope we are going to be seeing more of this as time goes on. You mustn’t be silent; keep dishing out the tips.
    Thanks for your contributions, guys!

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