Using Apps & Bots

Using Apps & Bots

When you’re ready to broadcast as a new model, you will spot the Apps & Bots section

Home based business, Using Apps & Bots

If you’ve done a bit of research & watched a few rooms.  You’ve probably noticed a different types of game being played that monitor the tokens, goals, messages, text and background colors.  There are many Apps & Bots that can be used on the chat rooms.

You can run only one App at any time, but 3 bots can be run at the same time.

At initial stage we recommend using the below Apps:

  • Basic App  ” Tip Goal “
  • Advanced App ” Tip Multi-Goal “

Tip Multi-Goal adds the ability for more goals to be specified, along with a few more options.  The goals can be set to be automated, meaning once a goal is reached it moves onto the next one, until the final one is achieved.

Once you click “Launch App”, you will be presented with the options.

Home based business, Using Apps & Bots

The App  is a bit confusing when you first run it, but the only options you really need to look at are from Hashtags till down.  The default settings in the upper section are perfectly fine to use.

In the below example we will show the Hashtags and the goals you are planning to achieve.

Home based business, Using Apps & Bots

Once you click Start App the Subject of the room changes to show Goal 1 & its Token Amount, along with the Hashtags.  Once the users in the room tip the amount to clear Goal 1, the App automatically moves onto goal 2 with its specified Amount, updates the Room Subject & carries on until all goals are completed.


The majority of bots can be called “chat room Helpers”.  They display notices, show tip menu, block certain messages, keep track of tippers, display polls, and various other tasks that help out in a room.

You can run 3 bots at the same time.

As a new model we recommend starting with the below Bots

  • Administrative Bot  “Ultra Bot”    /    “All In One Bot”
  • Poll Bot  “Token Poll – 4sci”   /    “Token poll”
  • Encourage tipping by showing top tippers “Make It Rain/Snow”  /  “Rain%Snow”

This is a screenshot for “Ultra Bot” options:

Home based business, Using Apps & Bots


Video tutorial for using Apps & Bots



Step Six : Tips & Tricks “Important”


Home based business, Using Apps & Bots



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    1. You can have as many goals as you like depending on your creativity and determination to earn. However, ensure each goal is worth it. It’s better to have a few quality goals than having many goals without any tangible thing to offer.

  1. I love the idea of chat room bots. I think that is an advantage of this platform over some others. I am getting more fascinated with joining you guys here. Seriously!

    1. That will be great, Vivian. There is actually no other place like here. Great amazing opportunities and support.
      You obviously can’t find such anywhere else.

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