What Do You Need To Start

What You’ll Need To Become A Webcam Model


In order to get started with Chaturbate, you’ll need a couple things. There’s a very good chance that you’ve already got everything. Here’s what you’ll need to become a Chaturbate broadcaster:

  1. Computer – Windows or Mac. Must be able to run Adobe flash.
  2. Webcam – HD is highly preferred.
  3. High-Speed Internet
  4. Place to perform – you need a clean place that is private and secure.
  5. Stage Name – This is going to be your adult identity and can be the same for all your social media accounts. Make sure it’s nice, easy to remember, catchy and sexy.
  6. Digital Copy Of Identification – You’ll need a digital image file of your government ID, in order to verify your age. Your real identity is always kept private.

Every member must be age verified in order to begin earning tokens. Chaturbate only provides payouts to those members that provide proof of 18+ age.

Once verified, Chaturbate will set your account to chaturbating, which allows for you to earn tokens. You choose how you want to earn, whether it be for live streaming, private and group shows, selling videos and photos, or by building your fan club.

Until your age is verified, your account will be set to exhibitionist and you will be unable to earn tokens.

Additional Equipments

The below suggestions aren’t necessarily , but will make your shows better, highly recommended:

  • Lingeries & outfits – You’ll want a variety of outfits to wear during your performance to make the show more teasing and incentivize people to keep tipping.
  • Toys – It’s beneficial to have a wide selection of toys. The more toys you have, the more variation you can have in your shows.
  • Props For Shows – what kind of shows you want to perform. Some shows might require certain things. For example, you’ll need body oil if you’re planning on doing an oil show.
  • Lighting – Good lighting is very important, Play around with the lighting and see how you look on cam until you’ve got the lighting setup to perfection. Shift some lamps if needed.
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse – it is useful for creating a cleaner and better camming environment.

The below video will show you the basic of broadcasting


Step Three :       Chat Room Settings


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10 thoughts on “What Do You Need To Start

  1. This is very nice, i have all equipment and a pretty clean place but then i am not as much experienced in this, how long would it require to be successful and professional?

    1. Hey beautiful, from my experience, cam girl jobs don’t need that much experience, and your skills grow with practice, you just need to devote your time, all you need is confident and an idea of what you know would be pleasing to the viewers to that they can keep coming back so you can make more money on cam. Its pretty much interesting, you might want to think of some good sexy posture and somethings to keep the eyes glued, you can get some toys like dildos which is not that much expensive to give your job taste.

    2. Hi sexyanasy, earning as a camgirl doesn’t take so long at all. And since you already have the recommended equipment with a nice place, I can guarantee you that, read the awesome tips and tricks which you can find them here on the last section, you can start making money from the first day and it will increase by time when you will become more popular and get more followers.

  2. Hey thanks for the information, I might have a bit of all the requirements, but then I noticed the requirements are tuned to ladies, so then is a guy eligible?

    1. Hi Jay! Of course males are 100% allowed. Its sure to provide with that extra cash you need and the best is that you work from home. Ain’t that cool. So hop on and have a great experience.

      1. Ohh! I’m really happy to hear this.
        I have actually being thinking of the possibility of involving my boyfriend in this so that we can perhaps, do some sex acts together, it will be more exciting I am really glad males can also participate!

        1. It’s good to hear that. I think I’m in a good position to advise you on this because I have a few friends that are involved in this with their boyfriend and husband and they are earning well from it. Let him know about it and get a means of convincing him to join and support you on the screen. You will be surprised at what you will get out of that, couples show is the most wanted with high earning.

    2. Of course, men are allowed into the business. As a matter of fact, I am into the business with my husband too. We earn our living from it and trust me, we are doing perfectly well. Just prepare your mind and yourself good because there are more women out there now that want to see a man at the back of the camera.

  3. I am really interested in this job and getting these requirements should not be a problem. But I’m just wondering if there will also be any tutorial or material to help get me started well, or am I going to have to learn the rope all on my own? I just want to know what to expect before getting into it.

    1. Hi Isabella, you actually have nothing to fear. The customer support got you covered from the beginning to till you find your feet in the job. Even if you have never done this before, you can always count on them to help you succeed. I was once like you too and trust me, in my 2nd week in the job, I was already earning a whole lot of cash per hour; even more than my colleagues could earn in a 9-5 job.
      Ask anything and many people can help you here, we can guide you based on our experience.

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