Lesbian show

Bad Day Ending With An Awesome Threesome

My bad day, it was a Monday and a very bad day. My alarm clock hadn’t rung, I woke up late that day, and started preparing for work very late then I was stuck in traffic both ways, and ended up...

BY SexyLady
Published on 20-10-2017
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Masseuse Wife

My Masseuse Wife Who Cheated Behind My Back

I married for the second time when I was in my late 40s. Mary, the fortunate woman, was two or three years younger. Abby is 5’6″ tipping the scales at 130 lbs. She has a body that was respected and admired...

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Published on 16-10-2017
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Sexual Intriguing

Sex With My Cute Little Sister

Sexual Intriguing between a brother and sister when they’re close in age, both appealing, and both simply finding their sexuality. I realize that it was wrong for me. She was my kid sister and there was no other young lady that...

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Published on 12-10-2017
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First Sex

Adam First Sex After The Demise Of His Wife

Adam’s reality was flipped around when his better wife Mary, the love of his life since they had met at college, had kicked the bucket few months after she was diagnosed with cancer. They were both just 40 years of age...

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Published on 08-10-2017
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Sex Slave

How My Manager Used Me As a Sex Slave

The time had come. I’m 35, and I need to be a mother. I’ve generally wanted kids. It’s recently too awful one needs a man so as to have one. One needs a lady, as well, clearly. In any case, since...

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Published on 05-10-2017
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best orgasm

My One Night Sex Partner

I am a young girl who loves adventure and have always had this sexual fantasies that I want to fulfill before I graduate from college. I am currently in college without a boyfriend even though I love weird adventurous life I still...

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Published on 20-09-2017
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