Celebrating Her Admission To The University

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Celebrating Her Admission

My breath caught the first time I saw him, he was just standing there, outside the lecture theater, hands on his perfectly rounded hips, his lips fully formed as he smiled at me, cheeks dimpled and flushed, I could be most certain that he took over the physical features of his mother. I saw him readjust his rounded glasses to prevent them from falling over his nostrils, my eyes drifted down the mass expanse of his chest covered by his buttoned-down long sleeve shirt to the zip of his pants which to my interesting imagination made visible the contours of his male wonder. Everyone seemed to disappear as he became the sole focus of my attention. I blushed with embarrassment as I heard the deep chuckle from down his throat.

“Like what you see?” he asked me as he starred into my eyes, smiling and inviting my bold hands to explore and replicate my deep dirty fantasies.  A surge of confidence shot through me as I boldly reached out to remove his glasses.

I heard the shrill a second too late, it seemed a rude interruption from my wonderful thoughts, I hissed inwardly “these gossipy girls and their dowdy clothes, always forming cliques and wanting to feel among” I grumbled as the group of students in a nearby group each seemed to try to outdo the other in their superfluously garnished stories they told each other.

Erm, I heard a male voice stutter once more.” Hello miss”, my whole being seemed to have defrosted itself from the web of desire that took over me moments earlier, and I tried to pretend my hands were aiming to dust of dirt from the bridge of his nostrils rather than take off his glasses which was my intention.” Are you alright?” I heard him ask, I blushed this time, my embarrassment and confusion visible on my dustily freckled orange skin which since I was little has been unable to hide my emotions, whether anger, arousal, sadness or even love. I was often jested by my peers who called me an open book. This time however, I tried to regain my composure, hoping that he would not notice my pulse beating really fast or the way my beaded nipples hardened against my short satiny dress.

“ Good day sir” I said,” Sorry for interrupting your schedule for today, I’ve been referred to you by a friend of mine , he says you grew up together, I guess you might remember him Dr Wilson informed me that he already called to tell you I was coming today”

He smiled again, a loop sided smile that exposed the whites of his front teeth,” of course, I do remember him, we’ve been friends since my university days. Hi, I’m Dr William, from the department of language and communication. I’m pleased to meet you, you look better in person than the way Dr Wilson described you. So lady, what can I do for you?

He smiled a reassuring smile, the type that said he could solve any problem I could come up with, that moment, I wondered briefly, if he could quench the ache between my thighs and my blush spread across my cheeks once more as I mentally chided myself about this sudden and sodden desires of mine.

“Yes sir, I’m seeking admission to this university, I am hoping you could facilitate my admission into this school, please sir, your efforts in granting my request wouldn’t be unappreciated. Inwardly I smiled as I caught a fleeting glimpse of the type of appreciation I’ll love to give him. He stretched out his hands and I handed him my documents once more. “I’ll get back to you soonest” he said and sauntered back into the theater, all the while, I watched the subtle bounce of his behind as it moved to his gait. My mouth watered once more as images of those hips slamming into the depths of my soaking wet cunt while his hands teased my clitoris suddenly assaulted me, I wondered why this man, a lecturer, who was much older than me seem to provoke such startling and brazen desire. I silently prayed and hoped that I wouldn’t do anything stupid before my visit ended. I walked back to my sit and ignored the whistles of admiration from the male students who I had to get through before I could get to my sit.

The rest part of the inaugural lecture went by in a haze, I barely understood what the chemical equations on the board represented but three hours later. I was packed and ready to exit the university premises. The journey back home was quite uneventful though I was fairly confident that my visit was going to be productive and this proved to be true when three weeks later, I received a mail that congratulated me on securing admission to study mass communication in the university to add to my joy was the latter part of the mail which informed me that I was part of the new intakes who have been nominated for scholarship grant this year. My joy was boundless as I spontaneously decided to go out and celebrate, just me and my friends.

We arrived at TEE&L’s bar shortly after midnight, I dressed in a shiny yellow dress which hugged my trim figure. My hips called attention as I entered, I was not particularly endowed in the strict sense of the word, my thighs more than made up for what I lacked in the hip department as they were thick and curved in all the right places, it often gave the false idea that I was well rounded down there which called in lots of unwanted attention, though sometimes they worked in my favor. Three bottles of baileys later and my friends knew all about my secret sodden lust on and older man. We danced to Justin Bieber songs and other fine hip pop songs, I enjoyed moving my body seductively when I danced with my partner and soon got him boning his trousers, I excused myself from my friends and soon went out to get some air, I stood in a dimly lit area of the club, adrift with both joy and confusion, I did not notice the presence of my dance partner, I don’t even remember his name, his eyes searched my face, finding me willing, he led me to a darker area, where the bulbs had been deliberately removed to afford privacy. He switched on a flashlight to view our surrounding and make sure the floor was devoid of anything dangerous. “Let me show you pleasure” he whispered huskily as he slowly knelt down close to me and sensually took off my panties.  He raised my dress a little higher up and kissed my other-lips, taking his time to explore the layout of my pussy and soon he had my knee’s shaking with pleasure. He stroked his tongue on the sides of my clit, fingered me with one hand all the while trying to hold me steady with the other hand. I lost every sense of shame as I realized some one could easily see us if the approached.  He laid his jacket on the floor then put me on it, prying my pussy open with his finger’s, his mouth afforded me the pleasure I needed. Then I felt it, my mind somehow exploding with arousal, my pussy felt sensitive to every stroke of his fingers, my body shuddered, my hips moved on his mouth of their own accord and the beautifully sweet ache, squeezed itself from my core and danced in my pussy, without warning, he slammed into my pussy and pounded me while the stars watched.

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