Unexpected Sex In Office With My Boss

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Unexpected Sex

Suzie had worked for the company for about as long as I had but she was my boss because of my poor academic qualification. Though we have been working together peacefully and I enjoy working for her. I liked her right away because she didn’t abide any bullshit and she knew how to get things done. I knew she’d be somebody I’d want as an ally so I was very careful in how I cultivated our working relationship.

As one of the oldest staffs of the company they moved me to the office next to hers even with my poor academic qualification I am quite good at what I do so I still get good commendation form the bosses. Once we were working in the same office and seeing each other daily, our relationship naturally developed but it was mainly business with just an occasional personal interaction; there was definitely no flirting and nothing to suggest what ultimately happened between us.

It was after a few months in the new office, when he must have realized that he could trust me and that we might be able to mutually benefit each other, maybe initially he thought I will be after his job, in essence I am not really after his job though I must be honest if I were to get promoted to his position I will gladly take it, after all I am very much qualified for the job so it won’t be something out of the ordinary.

When he started trusting me our relationship started blooming, he started sharing information’s with me even telling me about his personal life, we got to stage that we started telling each other about our sexual life we are now getting very comfortable with each other.

I am single so he finds it very easy to talk to me about his relationship, I got to know he is in a bad relationship and unhappy with a lady who is not interested or rather she is just tormenting his life every day and it is showing on him even though he tries as much as possible to conceal it from us, but he now trusts me a lot to tell me everything about him.

I am becoming fond of him as I got know more about him, he was tall elegant, muscular with broad chest and a smile to die for. But I never attached any emotional feeling to him before since our relationship is mainly official and he is in a serious relationship so I suppose until I got close to him and found out that his relationship is causing him more harm than good.

Monday been the first day of the week he invited me to his office and started wailing like a female, I asked what happened and he started narrating how is lady is been such a bitch, I was wowed that a man in this present generation will be facing this kind of treatment from a lady and he is still stuck in the relationship. So I went close to him hugged him to console him and we hugged so tight I could feel his warmth I believe he was also feeling a relieved, one thing led to another and we started kissing each other, I forcefully let loose and started apologizing, honestly I didn’t know what came over me.

He then shot me down as I was apologizing and he went straight to the door and locked the door and grabbed me by my waist and started kissing me initially I was trying to act as if I didn’t want him when in my mind I was hoping he never stopped. We started kissing each other passionately and we both lost control of our true self forgetting we are in office.

I had kneeled down before him; his muscular thighs were wrapped around my neck. His dick must have been dripping with pre cum for quite some time as I could see the cum glistening off his hard rock dick. I stared in amazement at all his muscular build before I slowly used my hands to rub the cum off his dick and I slowly worked my way back toward the source, gliding my tongue in slow circles around his hard dick.

The build-up became too much, he grabbed my head and pulled it in; telling me to suck harder and faster. I was completely under his command and abided by his wish – licking harder and faster as his legs wrap tighter around my neck and pulled me in. I felt his cum dripping out of his dick faster as his muscles began to contract. Anticipating his orgasm, I started using my tongue and finger to stroke him harder and faster. “Faster! Harder!” he moaned loudly as his hips rose off the cum soaked sheets. As his release was upon him, and released cum all over my face.

as his body relaxed and his ass slowly made its way back down on to the bed, I continued to slowly lick his cum off his dick. The task was daunting – his seeds continuously flowed from his dick as it pulsated with pleasure. The slow licking and teasing began his build up all over again. His jump straight back into ecstasy immediately after Cumming so hard caught him off guard. Under his ever deepening moans, he commanded me to stop eating stroking his dick and let him fuck me real good with his re-energized dick.

He pulled me up toward him and I used my hand to guide him inside my wet, awaiting hole. It took little effort to penetrate the lovely folds of my pussy due to the extreme wetness generated from me sucking his dick with my tongue and finger. “Take it slow and just fuck me with the swollen head of your cock I said.” I did not hesitate to obey his wishes. He slowly pushed the tip inside my awaiting folds then pulled it back out making sure not to insert any of his shaft inside me. It only took a few strokes before I began moaning louder and in quicker succession.

my legs wrapped around my waist. I controlled his thrusting by pulling him inside me with my powerful legs, but stopping him from going too deep by placing my hands on his hips… being sure to control the entire motion of my body like a composer in a symphony – to be fucked just how I wanted to!

He kept on pounding me furiously like he was avenging what his lady did to him, while I kept moaning loudly as he was pounding my pussy and within seconds I was about to cum and it also seems he was about Cumming too from the speed of his strokes, after couple of strokes we both came at the same time.

I smiled and whispered to him if he enjoyed the sex because I surely did enjoy the sex and asked him if he still feels sad again which he replied with an affirmative no, it was a great Monday for both of us after all.

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