My Sexual Idol

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I was a 19 year old young girl, living with my parents, lonely and incredibly horny girl. I watched porn on the net most times. I found black guys with big dick more attractive especially when the guy is smoking hot, pounding a girl with tight pussy. Oh, man, I would rub my left middle finger up and down my pussy and masturbate.

One day I came across a sex toys website and found a 11 inch penis dildo. I thought that will be perfect for my fetish for big dicks, so I bought it. A  few days later I got my package, I was so anxious to use it so immediately I got into my room and locked the door, I grabbed my new dildo and rubbed it slowly against my pussy that was already getting wet just because of the thought of getting down with a big gigantic dildo for the first time. I took of my panties and began to insert the dildo inside my wet pussy. I gasped out with pain that was over shadowed with pleasure.

I started going deeper gradually, I moved it back and forth, whilst gasping, I started increasing the tempo  going faster and deeper my heart breath rate increased as I can feel myself approaching orgasm, my face started dripping of sweat as I kept pushing deeper and faster. Suddenly I screamed out as my body was shaking with excitement.  I pulled out my dildo. That was a bad first attempt with a huge dildo, it was fun after all

That was the beginning of my new journey and addiction,, I became so addicted to masturbation with dildo, not just any how dildo but a huge dildo, it got to an extent that I don’t enjoy sex with regular guys again because of their small size or average cock.. I would have been upbeat to at long last have a customary orgasm.I would have been cheerful to at long last have a consistent orgasm.I would have been glad to at last have a standard climax. At that point I met some individual On Facebook. We had warmed, filthy IM discussions for about a week and after that I headed to his place. He was working in a bakery a guy beneath my standard. I was stricken. I rang the doorbell, my heart beating. At that point he opened the door and he was not that gorgeous. I mean truly average. My unnerve probably been obvious in light of the fact that he proclaimed, “I disclosed to you I’m not nice looking.

I giggled. His honesty was charming yet I wasn’t sold. After some ungainly talking, he got me and kissed me.The science was electric. My heart hustled and I felt tingly everywhere. It was fucking mystical. Iʼll concede, I was pissed. Actually no, not this person! Damn it, truly? I thought. In any case, my body cherished him from the get go. Who can clarify sexual science? It is only one of those puzzling, undefined things.

Amid our first sexual experience, I had eight climaxes. I was confounded. Iʼd had two partners driven climaxes in my whole sexual life. After the main climax, I snatched his arm and taken a look at him in total awe. Is it safe to say that he was a wizard? Did he has a vibrator surgically embedded in his penis?

His penis was immense 11 inch to be exact

“What?” he asked honestly.

I didn’t say anything, eyes wide, confused. I had been persuaded till that minute that I couldn’t have a climax with a partner. I thought I had demolished myself with powerful sex toys. Be that as it may, each one of those feelings went out the window with this new man. Considerably all the more irritating was that I had started to appreciate sex with him more than with my dildo. I thought about whether it was quite recently this person or in the event that I had at last discovered my sexual self. I chose to experiment with my new superpowers on a past fuck amigo, a tall lean well-hung artist. No climax, Nothing. I was miffed. With my tail between my legs, I sneaked back to my pastry specialist darling. Here was my sexual savior, just he didn’t come in the bundle I anticipated.

I’m now in the middle of the biggest dilemma of my entire life socially and educationally my new found sexual idol is behind me and not up to standard, should I go on with him or ditch him and go back to enjoying my dildo? My head says yes, but my pussy says No. should I leave good sex because of social status or deprive myself of joy because he is educationally inept. I kept pondering on this for all the period we stayed together and I realized with every good sex I kept falling deep for him and kept seeing how compatible we are together.

That’s how I ditch the idea of depriving myself of happiness and joy because of social status and went ahead and made him my official boyfriend so that I can enjoy those immense sex with my sexual idol and today we are happily married, fucking each other perfectly and he still finds a way to come up with new sexual innovation every day.

I love my husband …

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