Night Strolling That Went Perfect With A Stranger

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It was a cold Thursday night she was out hanging out with friends in Linda’s house, they are all high so she decided to take a walk down the street. She has never been this drunk before, if not she wouldn’t have tried going out almost naked, just a coat on and no panties in the middle of the night alone in a quite lonely street. She didn’t plan to walk any far she just want to catch some fresh air, away from the booze and smokes.
There was nobody watching off course everywhere was dark because it is already very late almost 11pm in the lonely street, she kept walking not minding she was the only one on the road, but she felt someone is somewhere following her that is what her head kept telling her as she walks down the lonely road.
She stopped for a moment to think about what she was doing what if someone noticed she was wearing any panties and what if anybody tries to take advantage of her who is going to come to her aid in this quite road, she knows she can’t fight back because the guy or guys will over power her, but that didn’t stop her she kept walking.

The black heels she wore clicking against the sidewalk, echoing in the cold. With every step, the air seemed to grow colder. Her nipples—bare and uncovered—stiffened and grew even more sensitive as they rubbed against the silk lining of her coat.

Wetness gathered between her legs.

She started walking fast. Mainly because she was worried she would run into someone who would somehow notice how aroused she was and partly because… well, it was cold.

She kept walking and she saw a light from afar instead of walking back to Linda’s house she decided to keep going, as she kept walking she thought of sex started running through her mind, the cold and cool breeze is making her nipples harder and she starting to feeling horny even becoming horny because of the cold and the cool breeze.  She saw light ahead more like a light from a house but as she walks closer to the place she noticed that the light is from a store. And the store seems to be the last building in that road.

That didn’t stop her she wanted to reach the store and she was even hoping is a cute guy that she will meet in the store, she being a very straight forward girl she know she can easily seduced any guy especially now that she feels like screwing a guy she was seriously praying she meets a guy there because she knows her seducing game is top notch.

As she got to the door, she opened the door and entered on entering the door she saw the guy watching porn on the plasma TV on the wall, she was like wow this will be easy today, she checked his trouser and saw John Thomas fully erect and she tried to imagine the length she believes it is up to 10 inch, she was now even turned on and she being very raw she asked the guy if she can join the man in watching porn. The guy allowed her to sit and he even offer drink which she accepted.

They got chatting and he asked her what made her walk down to this path of the road and where is she coming from at this hour of the night, she started narrating her story to him how she left her friend’s party to take a stroll, the cold, her hard nipples she kept talking she can’t keep quite then eventually she asked him if he can handle a horny woman like her. The man smiled and asked her if she can handle a man with a 10 inch dick like him. And they both giggled and say let them see then. They both agreed to help each other since they are both in the mood and somehow they find each other it can’t just be coincidence.

Me, what’s your name? I’m Nancy

My name is Jones.

Ok, good at least it will be nice we know each other’s name before we get down.
Without warning, he put his beer down, With trembling hands, he reached out and pulled her jacket zipper downwards, watching as each tooth that unzipped revealed more of her pale, flawless skin. It wasn’t until the zipper was below her breasts and the jacket flaps were curling open that he realized that she wore nothing underneath she can tell from his reaction; under the jacket was just skin, and he could already see the bulges of her copious breasts as he continued to move the zipper slowly floor wards.

He removed the zipper from the handle and spread the front open wide, revealing her beautiful breasts with their pale nipples and large, engorged nipples. The jacket dropped unheeded to the floor as he bent forward to kiss, lick and suck her nipples. She held her head against them, presenting them to him as a gift, nurturing him as she would a small child who had been hurt.

After a while, he pulled away and knelt before her. He unzipped the ankle zippers, removed her boots, unfastened the waist belt then slowly pulled the zipper down the front of her pants. Again, there was nothing underneath. Slowly her pussy came into view, with sparse, blonde hairs. Once the zipper was fully down, he was able to pull the upper part of her tight leather pants over her shapely ass so she was now naked down to her crotch.

she reached out and unzipped his jacket, removing it off his shoulders. It dropped to the floor and she followed it, kneeling in front of him as she unfastened his pants, removing his shoes before pulling the pants to the floor. He stepped out in response to her unspoken command. She stood and removed his shirt and tee, then again dropped to her knees and slowly pulled his undershorts to the floor. His semi-hard cock sprang outwards, hitting her forehead, and she ignored it completely.

She began caressing lower down his body, over his stomach and eventually, teasingly, down to his rigid cock and aching balls.

she straddled him, and held her crotch above his searching cock, teasing, smiling at him as she remained just out of reach. He couldn’t help it; he thrust his hips upward, trying to let his cock touch her pussy, but she easily rose out of reach, then he sat down a little too relaxed.

“Patience, sweetheart, patience. Relax and receive.”

he did, focusing instead upon her beautiful breasts; reaching upwards to cup them, caress them, roll her hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs, causing him to tilt his head back, reveling in the pleasure, dropping slightly lower, allowing his cock to just graze my short, sparse pussy hair.

She then took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it like her life depends on it, and she kept going as she kept stroking and sucking his dick his moan increased as she was sucking his dick he was also busy caressing her breasts, he was very good with his hands she was also enjoying what he was doing with his hands. He then let his dick out and start giving her head he was very good with his mouth she was moaning very loud as he was busy with his mouth in her pussy. She started moaning louder as she came close to orgasm and all of a sudden she erupted she is the squirting type and she messed everywhere up with her pussy juices.

“You’re wonderful. Thank you, darling,”

“I can’t remember the last time I squirted and you did all this with just your mouth I can’t imagine what your dick will do then if you can make me squirt with your mouth game. She sip the drink he gave her initially so she can get her energy back.
After she got herself back she then asked him to smash her pussy with his 10 inch dick which he agreed on it’s about time to taste my dick darling.

He ordered her to come close, the build-up was again slow and deliberate, he inserted his dick in her horny pot and started pounding her furiously, she was enjoying the speed and the level of the thrust. Seeming to edge closer without making much progress until suddenly he began thrusting her hips back and forth hard and fast. It pushed her to and over the edge at the same time as she let out an ear-shattering scream and went totally rigid, arched backwards as he held her breasts and squeezed her nipples hard, feeling his cum rise through his cock and then squirt jet after jet after jet into the end of her vagina.

It took many minutes before they regained their composure. There breathing gradually slowed, their bodies gradually relaxed against each other. They kissed, cuddled, caressed and lay together, feeling his cock soften and plop out, followed by a stream of cum. eventually he stirred. And he whispered to her that this is really one of the best random and unexpected sex he has ever had, they exchanged number and from then on they started hooking up regularly fast forward to 2 years after they are happily married.

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