Rude Girl Got Her Tight Cunt Rudely Pounded

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Heading  to work it appeared as though it would have been another shitty day for me. I was on my way to do my normal work which is cleaning at a home situated in one of the L.A’s. wealthy areas. Lisa the woman who had invited me had been a genuine meticulous bitch when I went out for the job. This is not the first time am working for her, I use to work in the firm where she works, and she is the most hated person among the cleaners and the people doing meagre jobs in that firm, So the day she called me I could reason that she would have been the sort who was not going to be effortlessly fulfilled. When she got back to contract me to do a job for her, I thought, it’s going to be one of those bad days with a rich nasty bitch bossing me around. Ms. Lisa’s just saving grace was that she was extremely wonderful and attractive. She was a petite lady with a tight little body.

I was not surprised when I was welcomed at the front door of Lisa’s home by a quite looking Mss. Lisa. “I need you to begin from the latrine and to delve precisely in to the flower beds. She said you should just enjoy one break and 30 minutes for lunch.”

She was around twenty-five, if am pressed to guess her age, a bitch as a kid and a gold-plated bitch now that she is all grown-up. Blonde, stacked, dazzling  elements, wonderful  skin, canny and with a sting that a hornet would envy. She was exceptionally inconsiderate, not grateful and a domineering jerk, continually looking down on her laborers, and continually offending individuals more seasoned than her. I so much disdain her yet nothing I can do in light of the fact that I require the cash for my upkeep.

I overlooked the young lady’s orders rather inspecting her from head to toe. She was a minor minimal brunette, with pouty full lips, perfect smooth dark colored skin and substantial almond eyes. She had long straight pure black hair. Yet, it was her body that made my crotch throb. She had flawlessly formed round bosoms sitting high on her chest with expansive nipples which projected under her tiny looking chest. Her little butt extended out enticingly from her shorts. I automatically licked my lips. I did my job that day with the memory of me molesting her going through my head to teach her a lesson, yet that day wasn’t the day for my evil intention.

What I needed was to meet her discreetly some place so I could talk to her something like a heart to heart talk with her, kind of let her see the circumstance from my viewpoint. I was genuinely sure that I could prevail upon her.

I have for a long while been itching to figure out how to converse with her about her inconsiderate demeanor towards her laborers, with the aim of molesting her one way or the other if she refuse to reason with me, Then, I at long last hit on a method for having that chat. I stopped close to her place and held up in my van, door was opened. As she passed I got out.

“Hello, Lisa,” I stated, and she turned towards the van to see who is calling. That is the point at which I hit her with the Taser. I was out of the van and holding her before she even begun to fall and after that I just helped her into the van. In the event that anybody had been observing all they would have seen was Lisa swinging to meet me, falling into my arms and jumping in the van with me. And they will feel we are couples having romantic moment.

I drove off. I figured I had a decent five minutes before she get herself back from the Taser and that was adequate time for me. Two minutes to get her home and into the room, with the room door shut. An additional two minutes and she was in the house, twisted around the bed with her hands attached to the bedhead.

I tucked the back of her dress up and brought down her undies a bit. Very  little, sufficiently only to uncover her ass. At that point I turned on my camera, sat back and sat tight for her to come back to life.

It was one moment or two later and Lisa was shaking her head, attempting to clear it. She probably attempted to move her hands and discovered she couldn’t, At that point she began screeching and jolting at her hand. Not needing her to go into an out and out frenzy I slapped her coolly on her ass and advised her to quit complaining. She screeched and swung to take a look at me.

“You,” she screeched. “What do you believe you’re playing at?”

I wanted to slap her to let her know who is in charge but i decided to let it go for now

In any case, to get on with what I needed to talk with you, this is about your inconsiderate state of mind towards your laborers,” I clarified. “I attempted to talk this over with you because I thought one on one discussion would be better.”

At that point I spanked her and she screamed.

“What? Hold up! You can’t! Don’t” she screeched. The “don’t” was on the grounds that another spanking had landed.

“I disclosed to you how I objected to how you were singling out us and how I needed it to stop,” I said and gave her a few more slaps.

“I thought” spank “that in the event that I convince you” spank “then you’ll talk” spank “to less privileged individuals with deference” spank

Lisa was screeching and wriggling very hard, however with her hands bound and my hand holding her down she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Is my message clear to you?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she screeched. “Please stop.”

“I’ll stop when I believe you’re truly repentant and willing to call your awful little crusade to an end. It’s high time you learn that actions have consequences. I’m currently going to give you a spanking, just to effectively express the idea.”

“You’ve recently been punishing me,” Lisa dissented, and I chuckled.

“Try not to be senseless,” I said. “That was only an enticement. What’s coming is the genuine punishment.”

Lisa was screeching in protest even before the first real slap landed. Her screeches climbed forcefully as she found that I was not kidding about giving her a legitimate beating.

At the point when Lisa was crying and shedding real tears, not simply tears of outrage, I at long last eased up.

I’d seen while beating her that Lisa’s legs had separated, uncovering her hill and that her pussy had bloomed. A kind of self-preservation component, offering herself to secure herself. I think I said that she was very flawless, and the allurement was there.

I was battling the temptation to not round it up with a solid sex and I lost the fight to her bewildering magnificence, It’s was something to be thankful for to remind myself as I hit her once more. One more smack over the face. Her eyes streak as she confronts me, cheek brilliant red and her breath coming in hard puffs out of her nose.

I pull her hands over her head and press them against the door. She attempted to knee me in the balls and I grin wide and giggle once more, moving my hip to obstruct her and after that squeezing my knees against her legs with the goal that she is squeezed hard against the door.

“What are you going to do?” I say, my eyes on hers with the goal that I can see my own reflection in her angry face.

“I’m gunna fucking… “She spat through clenched teeth, however then she just battled all the more abandoning her senseless threat dangling incomplete.

I let her go a little and she pushed forward, at that point I turned and used her little force to push her forward so she hit the side of my couch in my with her legs. I wound one of her hands behind her again and put my other hand on the back of her neck and drove her head down into the cushion of my sofa as her body was twisted around the arm.

She shouted into the cushion and thrashed her one free arm around, just hitting the lounge chair and the divider.

I took off my belt off boisterously with one hand and she solidified a bit of, straining her body. I got her one flailing arm and hauled it behind her back, and after that went to work getting the belt around her arms, simply over the elbows. It wouldn’t hold her for long, yet it was useful for a little time.

I held her down with my hand on the belt holding her arms together behind her back. She battled, however was at that point tiring herself out. Every last bit of her struggle had made her skirt ride up thus, I pulled it up some more so I saw her blue pant. She attempted to kick me, yet I stuck her legs to the sofa with my knees.

“You’re a little troublesome, you realize that?” I snorted as I pulled her back up standing, put my arms around her and lifted her up.

I carried her squirming kicking body around the couch and tossed her down on it with the goal that she was laying on it, at that point I came to over to the opposite side of the sofa and got the little box I’d set up only for this.

She squirmed forward and backward and my belt was falling off, yet I got some rope out of the box and could make a brisk little tie around her wrists. She was enraged, and really kicked me once in the stomach as I went to snatch her legs and tie them together with another piece of rope. It didn’t really hurt and I giggled as she glanced back at me.

When she was tied, I looked down at the blue undies once more. Her white skin resembled a canvas. My heart was dashing and my face was flushed. I took her hair in one hand and slapped her butt surprisingly. She shouted into the lounge chair, making muted and pretty sounds. I spanked her over and over, each time my hand handled the skin was hotter. My hand marks were brilliant red, each finger unmistakable.

When I halted she was gasping boisterous and quick against the cushions. I put my hand on her now hot ass and lifted it rapidly. She propped for the blow and I just chuckled. I quit giggling and calmly inhaled and she strained once more, beyond any doubt this would be another volley, however I just snickered more. At that point, at long last I hit her when she was least expecting.

She at last lifted her butt up, making arguing cries and curving her back attempting to get away from my hand. I let up and stroked her warm red skin.

“You detest this, hm?” I whispered down at her ear.

“That is to say, there is no way you are going to enjoy this,” I proceeded with, my fingers moving down her ass end to her thighs. As my fingers crawled towards her cunt she held her legs.

“Nooo!” she whimpered, however it was past the point of no return.

The blue undies were soaked at the groin with her wetness. I chuckled as I rubbed the texture against her pussy. She wailed “no” over and over, however I continued rubbing. She was moving her ass far from my hand, however it was of no use, I slipped a finger under the cotton and discovered short, yet delicate hair that was delectably wet.

All of a sudden she let out a shout and kicked her hips far from me and began battling immovable, tumbling off the couch for a moment. I forced her back up and got atop of her, and brought out my giant rod from my pants and I finally sheathed nicely in her pussy and Lisa just gave a groan, that was my cue to start digging her deep, and somehow the more I dig deep in her pussy the more she enjoys it, I started driving hard and fast and her moaning increase with some melodious sound which made me feel she was actually enjoying the sex. I kept pounding her hard, the harder I pound the higher the sound of her moan, she wanted more and more is what she got, the catch came when I started feeling she was nearing orgasm, I would slow down then after some few stroke I would increase my tempo, I kept using this tactics until it got to a point when my tactics can’t work again she was so close to orgasm so I started hitting harder and I was also getting close to my own promise land too.

My guess was perfect as she screamed and was all shaking under me, and within some seconds I started shooting bullets from my own cock too. And that was one of the best non consented sex that both party loved and wish it never came to an end.

When are we going to do this again she asked and I was amazed, she probably enjoyed the sex so much that she wants more and from that day Lisa turned my house to her second house as we started fucking each other officially and constantly

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