Adam First Sex After The Demise Of His Wife

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First Sex

Adam’s reality was flipped around when his better wife Mary, the love of his life since they had met at college, had kicked the bucket few months after she was diagnosed with cancer. They were both just 40 years of age however they had spent a portion of their lives together and had been each other’s just ever sexual partner. They had been unable to have kids, despite the fact that they had a go at everything you can imagine, and Adam was happy of that now generally, had they had any, they would now be without their mom. He had taken a holiday from work to help administer to her and had let her go. Presently, after a year, he has sat alone in a coffee shop gradually blending a spoon around and around in his espresso mug while perusing the news on his iPhone, killing time before going to see an attorney about Amy’s will. Sometimes Adam turned upward and gazed around the café in what Amy and he had named “people watching”, something they both delighted in doing especially at air terminals. As the coffee was arranged in the downtown budgetary region it was for the most part loaded with what resembled business experts either gazing into their cell phones or tapping endlessly on their portable PCs.

Sat on a high stool at the bar in the window was an appealing young lady most likely in her late twenties or mid-thirties. Adam promptly perceived her as the youthful partner in a firm of legal advisors who had spoken to the organization he worked for when they had sued a competitor for breach of intellectual copyright. As head of innovation in the organization, Adam had worked intimately with her and was awed by her professional skill and her calm however rugged way. She was totally fascinated in what she was doing and on the off chance that she wasn’t tapping the console of her portable PC, perusing her notes or tasting her coffee she pulled what seemed, by all accounts, to be a versatile hair band from her wrist and spun it around her fingers while taking a look at her screen. He recalled her as being somewhat tall with long legs, a thin figure, full breasts and thick, wavy, dim coppery hair that came mostly down her back. She had constantly worn a business dress when he had met her yet today she was wearing knee-high dark calfskin stiletto boots and what resembled to a greater degree cushy, dark, round neck angora sweater dress that showed her curves, especially her breasts. As she was sat down the dress had ridden up to between her knees and her thighs and simply secured the frilly highest points of what had all the earmarks of being dark silky holdups.

Adam was not sure whether to go over and address her yet he revealed to himself that she most likely wouldn’t remember him and she seemed, by all accounts, to be so charmed in what she was doing that he would not like to disturb her. He was head down in an article and he didn’t see her get up from her seat, stroll towards the entryway, stop and afterward advance over to where he was sitting. He turned upward as he heard his name being said to see her standing before him conveying her jacket and tote in one arm and pulling her flight case that she used to convey every last bit of her work in the other hand.

“Adam. How lovely to see you.”

“Hi Rebecca. Sorry I didn’t see you standing there. It’s lovely to see you as well. How are you?”

He got up and was going to hold his hand out to shake hers yet she moved towards him, put her hands to his shoulders, maneuvered him into her and kissed him daintily on the two cheeks. It possess a scent reminiscent of her fragrance was extremely unpretentious yet inebriating.

“I’m exceptionally well. I kept running into your CEO a week ago at a breakfast course and he disclosed to me what had happened to your wife. I was so sorry to learn about her. In the event that there is anything I can do please tell me. He additionally said that you had left your place of work?”

“Much appreciated, that is extremely kind of you. Truly I left a month ago. I thought that it was hard after Amy passed away backpedaling to work in a similar place and afterward going home to an unfilled house. An excessive number of memories.”

“I can understand that. What will you do?”

“Not certain long term but rather, for the time being, I am going off on my motorbike to visit the spots that Amy and I said we would dependably go and see, yet didn’t in light of work and different duties. The life confirmation we took out when we got married in addition to the one from her organization implies our home loan and obligations will be paid off and I won’t need to work for a long time.”

“Bravo. I hope everything goes well for you. So what brings you to this piece of town?”

“I have a meeting with a legal counselor to go through the probate application for Amy’s will. I believed that it would be clear and I’ve endeavored to do it without anyone’s help various circumstances however it continues getting rejected. It gives off an impression of being past my restricted learning of the law thus I have to swing to the experts.”

Rebecca put her fingers to mouth and thought for a couple of moments before she talked.

“See, I’m not an authority in legacy law but rather why not let me observe before you go to a costly legal counselor.”

“In any case, you are a costly legal counselor,” Adam giggled.

Rebecca snickered back. “See, you gave me a heap of assistance when we were chipping away at that break of copyright suit so this is the minimum I can do consequently. No charge; simply get me dinner at some point.”

“Is it accurate to say that you are certain? I wouldn’t have any desire to force and I figure you’re as occupied as usual?”

“Continuously occupied yet it is incredible to work with you once more. Regardless I have your PDA number so I’ll call you to orchestrate to get together in the following couple of days. Is that alright?”

“That is extraordinary. Call me at whatever point. My mobile phone is always on.”

The following day Adam got an instant message from her recommending that he head toward her flat on the next Friday evening. They could have a drink while she goes through the greater part of the printed material he had with respect to Amy’s will and home. Not having whatever else arranged Adam instantly answered to acknowledge her welcome and request her address and, at 8pm sharp, Adam remained outside the way to her loft conveying a container of red wine, a jug of white wine and a bundle of blooms. He had been well educated by Amy to never turn up at anybody’s home without a blessing and he grinned to himself as he thought of what she would have said had he not done as such.

He thumped on her door and she opened it for all intents and purposes instantly, practically as though she had been sitting tight for him to arrive. She was wearing a couple of tight white pants and a feathery gold shaded short sleeved, round neck mohair sweater while her hair was tied up in a pigtail. She took the wine from his hands and expressed gratitude toward him for the flowers. “They are totally excellent. You didn’t have to get them however thank you at anyway.” She inclined in and kissed him on the two cheeks and he couldn’t avoid responding and felt the delicate quality of the mohair as he put his hands on her shoulders. She drove him down the corridor and into the parlor.

“Make yourself comfortable on the couch while I put the flowers in water and get us a few beverages. What might you like; red wine, white wine, brew or something more grounded? ”

“Red wine would be extraordinary.”

“Get the will and probate papers out while I get the beverages.”

After she had come back with their beverages she laid everything out on the vast footstool and arranged it into heaps. While Adam sat on the couch nursing his wine she sat with her back to his leg over the leg on the floor checking everything and asking a lot of questions. As she hung over the table her sweater rode up and her pants pulled down uncovering the exposed skin of her lower back and he saw that she had a tattoo of a dolphin jumping over waves at the base of her spine. Adam used his eyes here and there her back and moved toward becoming fascinated with the cushion at the stitch of her sweater rubbing against her uncovered skin and had never thought of fleece against a lady’s skin as being attractive of recent. At a certain point she needed him to peruse something thus she moved to the side enabling him to take a look at the report. As he completed and took a look at her he saw the swell of her firm breasts inside the sweater and could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her areolas were marginally distending. As he looked into she was gazing at him and, bothered, he immediately glanced back at the reports and endeavored to keep up concentrate on why he was here and what she was doing to help him.

Just before 11 pm she pulled the greater part of the different heaps together into one and moved them to the side of the footstool. “I imagine stopping for this evening. I have all that I require so as to have the capacity to finish the structures. It should just take me another couple of hours and I can do that throughout the end of the week. In the event that you sign them now I can send them off to the probate office on Monday. Is that alright?”

“That would be completely splendid. All in all, as respects installment for your expert service, when do you have a free night with the goal that I can take you to dinner?”

“I as of now have plans during the current end of the week, however, what about the next Saturday?”

“That is beneficial to me. I’ll lift you up here at 8 pm.”

Adam spent the next week clearing the place of the remainders of Amy’s sickness so every one of that was left were her belonging from before she turned out to be sick. He didn’t feel prepared to clear those and left everything as she had abandoned it. Now and again his sadness appeared to be overpowering yet he realized that Amy would have needed him to move on. He went to her grave each day to converse with her, disclose to her how he would dependably cherish her and miss her yet additionally advise her of his plans. She had cherished riding pillion on their motorbike, staying there staring off into space and looking to one side and right appreciating the landscape. She generally said that, aside from their lovemaking, it was the nearest she felt to him as her crotch and legs were squeezed hard against him. When he accelerated to overwhelm him generally tapped her left leg and she generally inclined forward and put her arms around his midriff. Their intention to ride the nation over toward the west drift had never achieved fulfillment and he needed to put their plans enthusiastically as a major aspect of his lamenting procedure.

As Saturday evening loomed, I started contemplating whether to go for the date, am worried about what people will say or think about me. People may end up saying things like have moved on to a beautiful lady after just burying my wife, so I was careful about  what to do, at the end I decided to go even though I was very nervous for the occasion.

I sent her the address for the restaurant where I want us to meet, and I was there at 7:45 pm and after 15 minute she arrived looking ravishingly beautiful, they sat and ordered for their meal and they stared eating while discussing about virtually everything, it was all fun you will think they have been seeing each other all this years. time was moving so fast and they wanted to go home, so Adam offered to take her home on reaching her home it was already getting late he excorted her to her door and gave her mild kiss, and they both said goodbye to each other only for Adam’s car to refuse to start and Rebecca’s car was also bad too, really bad timing, so Rebecca offered to lodge him in her room which he agreed to since that’s his best option.

“Are you sure that you’re going to be okay sleeping on that sofa? You don’t look very comfortable all squashed up.”

“After sleeping on the ground on numerous occasions over the last few months this will be like sleeping on a fluffy cloud.”

“Well if you’re sure. I don’t mind swapping you know. I’ve always wanted to sleep on something fluffy.”

“I’ll be fine. Now go to sleep before I change my mind.”

For the next thirty minutes Adam tossed and turned trying to get comfortable enough to be able to go to sleep. In between each turn he could hear soft breathing coming from the queen sized bed. After another thirty minutes he decided there was no way he was ever going to be able to sleep on the sofa and so he picked up his pillows, tip toed across the floor and slid as gently as he could into the other side of the bed, hoping that he didn’t wake her.

His thoughts about Rebecca’s arse and his love for Amy put him in a real dilemma. He hadn’t felt really horny since Amy had taken ill but, having Rebecca’s peach like arse lying in front of him across the bed, he definitely started to get an erection. Amy was no longer there to do damage to his testicles but as the dilemma of lust over loyalty was being mulled over in his head he added another dimension; if he didn’t make a move would Rebecca think he wasn’t attracted to her? He was now getting into a real panic but he then thought about what Amy would say; life goes on and he deserved to be happy again. With that positive thought in his head he sidled across the bed, placed his hand lightly on one of Rebecca’s arse cheeks and slowly moved it over and all around. Her feminine fragrance rose up both of his nostrils and was intoxicating. After a few minutes she rolled onto her front to allow him better access to both cheeks. “Don’t stop”, she whispered.

Adam moved closer and kneeled up against her to allow him to use both hands. He ran them lightly over her arse, over her lower back and waist, up her back under the tee shirt she was wearing and then down the back of her legs. She started to let out little gasps of, what he presumed was, pleasure and then spread her legs. He moved to the end of the bed and kneeled in between her legs. He ran his hands up the back of her legs and, as he approached the crack in her arse, he used his thumbs to widen the crack. He then lowered his head towards his thumbs and ran his tongue up from the bottom of her crack to the top. He continued to do this as he ran his hands up her back and then back down the side and around the outside of her arse as she groaned and ground herself into the bed.

Adam clambered off to the side of the bed and then, as he continued to run his right hand up her back, his left hand continued to caress her arse and then move down between her legs. She raised herself up to allow him better access and, cupping his hand, he ran it up and over her fanny using his middle finger to draw a line up and down her outer lips. He could feel the heat building in her fanny and the wetness starting to ooze out. Her breathing was becoming shallower and faster and, as he inserted his middle finger into her, she gasped and groaned. She wriggled and pulled her knees up towards her chest which pushed her arse higher and her fanny further out. This allowed more access and invited him to insert another finger into her. In fact she was so wet that he was able to insert a third finger and as he pushed in and out she began writhing and moaning louder.

“Harder Adam, harder”, she panted as she pushed her fanny back into his fingers every time he pulled out.

Minutes later he could feel her vaginal muscles start to tense as they clenched his fingers harder and he knew that she was close to coming. He started to plant light kisses on the cheeks of her arse and that was probably enough to send her over the edge. With a huge groan she came but continued to writhe and push against his fingers.

“For fuck’s sake don’t stop. DON’T STOP!!” she cried as wave after wave of crashing orgasms engulfed her.

Sensing that she had finished climaxing, he slowly pulled his fingers out and watched as her breathing started to slow and she lowered herself down and stretched her legs out. Moments later she rolled onto her back and pulled up her tee shirt that was soaked in perspiration. It was the first time that he had actually seen her breasts. They were firm and round with deep pink areola and nipples like small rosebuds. Adam was definitely a breast man and he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

She held her arms up inviting him to lie down with her and he moved up the bed and lay in the crook of her arm with his arm over her breasts. She could sense that it was too soon after Amy’s death for him to make love to her through intercourse and wanted to take things slowly.

They laid in that position for what seemed an eternity as far as Rebecca was concerned. She caressed his head with her free hand, stroking her long fingers through his hair and down the back of his neck. She could feel that he still had an erection as it was hard up against her hip. Slowly she moved her hand over his shoulders, across his arm and down the side of his ribcage and stopped at his hip as she could feel him begin to tense.

“Would you like me to say good morning to you now?”

Without saying a word, his hand moved from covering her breasts up to the side of her face where he tenderly stroked her cheek. She took that to be a yes and ran her fingers gently up his erection. Shifting herself a little she was just able to get to his balls and started to stroke them very lightly, but she wanted full access to everything so she rolled him onto his back and moved onto her side. His fully erect cock was about nine inches long and deliciously thick. Her long fingers were just able to curl all the way around and she slowly stroked up and down, running her thumb over the head at the top of every up stroke.

His breathing was getting deeper and, with his eyes closed, he was moving his head from one side to the other. She gazed at him lovingly as her hands began to move faster and faster up his cock. She really wanted to take his deliciously thick cock into her mouth and deep into her throat but knew that this was a first step for him. For her this was making love but she suspected that, for him, it was just sex. Feeling the base of his cock starting to twitch and sensing that he was about to come, she grabbed tighter and stroked faster until he exploded, sending ribbon after ribbon of cum onto his stomach until the last dribbles ran down over her fingers that still grasped him firmly.

As his cock softened, Rebecca let go, rolled over and reached the box of tissues that were on the bedside table. Taking out a large wad of tissues she firstly wiped off the small amount of cum that was on her hand and then mopped up the large pools from his stomach. Without saying a word she kissed him lightly on the lips, jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom. Adam lay there with his eyes closed letting his heartbeat and breathing get back to something like normal. This had been his first time with a woman other than Amy and he wasn’t sure what was expected of him in these circumstances. “Just act as you would have acted with me”, he heard Amy’s voice tell him in his head. “Words of thanks would be totally inappropriate. Actions speak louder than words.”

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