David Uses Voodoo Power To Get His Dream Girl

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Voodoo Power

When he was still a kid his mum used to tell him how they are from a lineage of witches and wizards but the only thing is David mum wasn’t the one that inherited the power from their grandmother, David’s mum elder sister Mariah was the one who inherited the power. Aunty Mariah as David normally refer to her was a very kind and powerful witch, she is a widow she lost her husband in a ghastly accident and since then she has refused to hook up with any other man. She stays alone with her cat in her house, she didn’t give birth before her husband passed away.

As a kid aunty Mariah’s house is David second home, his friend Moses leaves in that same neighborhood, so most of the time he uses that opportunity to go stay with his aunt and then hook up with his friend Moses, visiting aunt Mariah as shown David the power of magic not just some magical tricks but real power of a witch. Aunt Mariah knew David is also like her a wizard right from birth so she uses that opportunity to help him horn is magical powers.

David was enjoying every moment with aunt Mariah she was teaching him different spells, she wants him to be one of the greatest wizards that ever lived after all they are from a very strong witch family, David was how to use voodoo to solve so many things, aunt Mariah advised him not to ever use his power on innocent people or try to harm anybody.

David was becoming very powerful with the guidance of aunt Mariah, David being a very intelligent and smart boy he was learning spells that are out of the books, even aunt Mariah was becoming amazed by how fast and strong he is becoming, she knew from time that David will end up a very strong wizard but she never envisaged it to be this fast.

Since aunt Mariah doesn’t have any kid she treats Moses like her own son, in fact David loves staying with her than his own mum because his mum always scold him whenever he misbehave but aunt Mariah always pampers David and David also have access to all her spell books no limit no boundary.

There was a girl in that same neighborhood called Mary even though she is quite older than David, Mary was a well-endowed girl the toast of every boy in that neighborhood, she is blessed with firm round breasts, elegant lanky legs, and eye balls any boy can kill for.

David lost his virginity to Mary, She was older than David, and there is a 4 year gap between them. He wasn’t fantastic with it being his first time and all, he was really poor that day, he came before he even inserted his dick into her horny pot, she had to seduced him again to wake his little man up for another round which lasted less than 2 minutes, David never enjoyed that experience but she certainly enjoyed the moment knowing she was the first.

Mary was the person who initiated everything, she was attracted to David because he was a very cute boy, muscular arms, broad chest and a very sexy smile, with all that quality David was also a very brilliant little lad with humility.

With all the attention she gets from other boys it was David who she was much older than that she chooses, even though David never showed much interest, because David thought she was in a class of her own and he can’t see himself having anything that sound remotely like relationship with a girl that classy and older than him who attracts interest from boys in college. While he is still a high school boy, David is aware of his good looks but he never felt that’s enough to get such a beauty.

After that experience he wanted sex all the time. Hell, by all rights he was a male slut. There was hardly a girl he’d known who he hadn’t slept with in high school after all he was cute and intelligent.

The only stubborn girl who didn’t fall in his trap was Victoria, she was the only one who didn’t want him, she always tell her friends that he his rude even though he was a very humble boy she just hates him for no reason at all, he now thought of what to do to get the only girl who is forming stubborn and hates him for no reason, there and then he remembered he can use voodoo to get what he wants.

He then started looking for spell books that can help him accomplish his mission of bedding the only girl that he can’t seem to get, as he was searching everywhere for the solution he then stumbled on a book that has solution to his problem, he took the book to his room and started reading and trying to figure out how to go about it he now saw the spell on turning her into someone that can’t do without him, she will be falling head over hills for him. He then performed the ritual that night hoping to see good result the next day, and good results he saw the next day in school.

He got to class the next day and saw a note on his seat, he also noticed Victoria didn’t seat anywhere near him that day and she was smiling at him this time seductively. He then opened the piece of paper to read.


I almost busted down your door to fuck you but decided against it. I need your cock as soon as possible so I can give you my virginity! Please call me and I’ll come over immediately and slide my lips down your shaft and cram it down my throat. I want it to fill me and cum in my holes. I’ve never wanted anyone more than I have ever wanted you. There’s a burning in me that won’t be put out until I become your whore. You have to call me Wyatt! Please I beg you! I’ll do anything you ask!



The note then left her phone number, David had never been the recipient of such a naughty love letter. The language started to make his cock thump in his boxers. He noticed his cock seemed to have more weight to it than usual. However, it wasn’t a concern right now. This note had to be joke. Victoria was setting him up for humiliation and he wasn’t falling for it. Even though I told him she will surprise he didn’t want to believe this sharp change.


His friend said once David finished reading the note. “How did you do it? What’s your secret?”

He looked at her direction and she signaled to him that he should call her, he was scared initially but his friend asked him to call her after all he has nothing to lose she is the one who wrote the letter.

He called her.  And they both agreed to meet at the park

He was quick moving to the park immediately after class hour, and she was already there waiting for him. David then suggested they find a cool place behind any car so that nobody can see them, eventually, finding cover behind a car. There were sure no one from their school would venture to the spot.


In seconds he had removed her head rest.
Her hair was red and looked like it was on fire in the dim orange glow from the light outside. She was beautiful. As they kissed her fingers ran across his stomach making him quickly inhale a short breath. She smiled as they kissed. She knew what he liked as she slipped her hand down to his cock.

His hand ran slowly round her back and on the first try her bra released and he moved his hand round to caress her perfect breasts.

They sat up for a moment so they could take off their clothes. He turned the light on his phone on so they could see where they were putting them. (Always handy to know where your jeans are in case anyone disturbed them).

As soon as his jeans were off she pushed him back and began to suck him.

For some reason this night she seemed more horny than normal and that’s saying something.

Her hot lips on his cock made his rock hard. He was able to reach around and play with her ass. As he dipped the tip of his finger in her ass hole. She winced and dropped her head, taking his full length in her mouth.

He pushed her over on her back and pinned her down with one arm and put his head close to her thighs. He could smell her juice as he slowly licked his way down from her belly button.
His fingers started exploring her shaven mound. Her soft, smooth lips were soaking wet. Victoria parted her legs to let him slip his willing tongue inside. He began to suck her little hard very wet clit. She had the cutest moans that he loved to hear and she was making plenty of them.

She lifted his head and moved him up so he was on top of her. Her hot, soft naked body felt fantastic underneath him. His rock-hard cock found her pussy as if it was going home.

As he slid inside her he could feel how actually wet she was. Her moans grew with every thrust.

He didn’t want to cum too soon so he slowed down, enjoying every second he was inside her slightly clenching pussy.

He began to pound Victoria harder. Victoria’s moans grew and then he felt her strong, pussy muscles tighten on his rock hard throbbing cock. He also started shooting his cum inside her pussy and they both smiled, David started thanking God he came from a lineage of witches and wizards, with voodoo power he got the only girl he thought he can never get.

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